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      PEOPLE OF HAMPTON is inspired by the work of great street photographers from around the world, as well as those practicing in New England and New York.

     Within each image lives a narrative. By default, our minds will build a story around these people, who they are, or what they might think. The stories we create often reveal more about ourselves than those depicted in the image. The image then, becomes a kind of catalyst for introspection. 

    In this way, a portrait of someone else may act as a mirror. The following photographs were taken over a period of two months, from March to April of 2020. 

  "During the initial phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, I found myself isolated in a homely town with little to do other than wander with a camera. I knew Hampton was rich in characters, but I was unprepared for the geyser of inspiration bursting from the streets. I became compulsive, spending every spare second (there were plenty) prowling the corners for moments I could turn into stories. The first image that caught my eye - the one which led to me pursue this project seriously, is titled Red Haired Wind. There's a story in the woman's posture, in her gaze. I studied the photo for a while, and decided there was something there. I wasn't sure what is was, and I'm not totally sure wht it is now. But there's a story there. Something's has been mulled over, debated, and decided. Finding stories in little passing moments is something we can all resonate with, despite our reasons for doing so. Mine just happens to be for a photo."

- Peter J Eisenhaure